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Content clear immediately? The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) states that influencers may add a small text overlay

disclosure on the image. This is an option, but luckily Instagram created its very own sponsored content instrument to help

prevent the need for it.


Instagram branded contentOnly certain influencers have accessibility Into Instagram's very own branded content tool, which permits

influencers to clearly disclose the sponsorship without it impacting the aesthetics of the description or photo. It works on

equally Stories and newsfeed posts.


Hopefully, we'll see a bigger rollout of the tool (or the


What Brands Need to Do?


In some ways, businesses have it simpler than influencers in this area.


If a business runs a promotion campaign, by Way of Example, that Prominently offers an influencer (instead of discussing the

influencer's content and behaving like they had nothing to do with it), it's assumed that many customers will know this is a

sponsored endorsement. It is, after all, coming out of the brand; of course, it's attempting to sell something.


While this is simple, brands and entrepreneurs need to make sure That influencers are following the rules and guidelines of the

FTC and the respective platforms they're appearing on.



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