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Our aim is to get Pujakarma duly performed by the best Brahmins and explain all the information about Pujakarma and its purpose. For thousands of years, our family has been doing Pujakarma for public welfare, Brahmins have been born in the family and have also received spiritual education from childhood, due to which, everyone has complete knowledge of karma and knows the method. His satisfaction with Yajaman's reverence is important to us first. Not only this, we also know astrology along with Pujakarma. Due to which millions of satisfied people of the country and abroad are connected with us. It is not a business for us to be a Brahmin. We perform the following rituals such as: -


Gati Diwa Bat ti Pitra Dosha Prevention, Kalasarpa Dosha Prevention, Narayana Bali, Pind Daan, Shraddha, Dasava (Dasai), Kriya, Tarapan, Pitra Gayatri Chanting, Navagraha Pooja and Chanting, Havan, Mother Saraswati Pujan & Aarti, All Goddess Goddess Worship and We do all the pujas like Abhishek, Rudrabhishek, Marriage wedding, Muhurt of home and shop, Kul Devi Devta Pooja, special place worship.

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